Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Scott

OMG! I just took the bus from Ohio to audition for America's Next Top Model, and check-out what happened to me while waiting in line! I'm the hottie wearing the pink tube top who is running for her life!


  1. LovesDarkChocolateMarch 16, 2009 at 6:35 PM

    Damn it, Girl, if that video of your supple body twisting and writhing through the crowded street doesn't bulk up that guy's loins, he must have a serious problem.

    And it that's the case, you may have to find a way to smuggle some red meat into his jail cell -- the fresher the better. Maybe you should start figuring out how to do this.

    Am only thinking of your future happiness with The Man You Love. :-)

  2. Is that you throwing the barricade? All those hours at the gym have certainly paid off! I love how all those other 'models' acted like they were hurt. Fakers!

  3. too funny thanks for the laugh

  4. Why did all those girls even bother coming out to audition? With YOU there, they should have just cleared a path and let the real future America's Next Top Model get to the front. Of course, once Tyra saw you she might have just canceled the whole season and declared you the winner. So maybe it's better for ratings as long as they have something to show.