Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Scott

I was wondering if the reason you haven't written back is because I neglected to send a photo. So here it is. Hope you find me hot enough to hang on your cell wall and jerk-off to! Do you think I could be a supermodel? Sorry I look a little bloated, but it was that time of the month. Since I learned from Access Hollywood that there are lots of other girls who are also sending love letters and marriage proposals to you on death row, my fingers are crossed that this recent photo will help me stand out from the competition. As you can see, I'm far from your usual type, plain Janes with no sex appeal like your murdered mousey wife and trampy mistress, and I could help you overcome your lousy taste in women if you give me a chance. And by the way, unlike those two unattractive ladies, my tits are real! ROFL! We'd make an awesome looking couple, especially since you're the spitting image of that other cutie patootie, Brad Pitt, and I can't wait to see us featured in People Magazine after we hit the town together. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Oh, and happy fisting your mister!


  1. Your photo resembles more like Nadya Suleman! Maybe that's why he has not responded?

  2. I do not understand. Why are people laughing at you? I do not know that Mr. Peterson can like you, as meanly as you talk to him and about his wife. Are we really friends?

  3. he's a convicted killer he can take it book monkey